Evolunia tokens

You can get them by being online, finding them in boxes, getting them as a rare drop from skulled creatures, killing bosses and more.

"You recieved an evolunia token for being online 1 hour."

Items evolunia
Buyable items:

Skull remover.

Removes frags and skull.

Costs: 300 Evolunia Tokens

Remove skull

Stamina doll

Using this while you are under 40h stamina will refill your stamina.

Costs: 50 Evolunia Tokens

Stamina doll

Dagger charm

(attackspeed +10%, critical chance +6%, critical damage +10%).

Costs: 100 Evolunia Tokens

Dagger charm

Mystery box

Contains lots of different addons, mounts, experience potions, reroll tokens and other rare stuff!

Costs: 25 Evolunia Tokens

Mistery box

Experience potion

Using this potion gives you +25% experince gain for 1 hour.

Costs: 30 Evolunia Tokens

25 exp
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