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Event waiting room: This area contains the new items purchasable with event tokens, it also contains a dancing minigame. The area will also be used for automatic events, when a event starts, it will be broadcasted and you can sign up for the event by typing !joinevent. Everyone that has signed up for the event and are located inside the waiting room will be automatically teleported inside the event when it starts. You can also access the event waiting room even when there's no event running by typing !joinevent (if you wish to buy items with event tokens, or access the dancing minigame).


Zombie event: In this event you'll be spawned at a island, there'll be unkillable zombies and other monsters spawning inside the island overtime. The monsters cannot be killed, if you get near a zombie you will be eaten and kicked out from the event, and the last standing player will win the event. There's also some boosts which will make you invisible and run faster for a short duration to help you evade all the monsters. In the start this event can only be manually started by GMs, but it will probably be made automatic this week - if everything works as it should. Participating inside this event will give you event tokens, which can be used to buy some new items.

You dont have to win in the zombie event to get an event token, participating in the event means you have a chance to get one at random, also just by participating in events you will be granted with a small amount of experience points as a reward.

The zombie event will automatically run at 03:00, 12:00, 16:00, 19:00 and 23:00 CEST everyday, and could occasionally be started by an Gamemaster at random times.

Events shop.png

Buyable items:


Using this item gives you the dwarf outfit.

Costs: 100 Event Tokens

Scroll event.png

Cool Teddy Doll

Using this item gives you the rift runner mount.

Costs: 75 Event Tokens

Cool teddy doll.png

Magic Event Elixir

Drinking this gives you an attribute point, up to a maximum of 3 times.

Costs: 60 Event Tokens

Magic event elixir.png


You can do a little quest and play Dancing minigame: Just a quick and simple game, where you have to dance around and dodge explosions to stay inside. The longer you are inside, the more explosions there will be! There's also highscores for those who have danced the longest, the highscores can be seen by looking at a sign inside the event waiting room.

Minigame quest.png