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☀You can get them by killing bosses and more.
☀You can get them by killing [[bosses]] and making [[dungeons]] with your friends.
[[File:Dungeon shop.png|centre|thumb|685x685px]]
[[File:Dungeon shop.png|centre|thumb|685x685px]]
'''Buyable items:'''
'''Buyable items:'''

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☀You can get them by killing bosses and making dungeons with your friends.

Dungeon shop

Buyable items:

Magic Dungeon Elixir Edit

Drinking this gives you an attribute point, up to a maximum of 3 times.

Costs: 50 Dungeon Tokens

Magic dungeon exilir

Lightning Charm Edit

(damage increase +5%, healing increase +5%, critical damage +10%).

Costs: 100 Dungeon Tokens

Lightining charm

Mystical Cube Edit

Using this item gives you the mercenary outfit and addons.

Costs: 100 Dungeon Tokens

Mystical cube

Mystery Box Edit

Contains lots of different addons, mounts, experience potions and other rare stuff!

Costs: 30 Dungeon Tokens

Mystery box

Trophy Edit

Using this item gives you the elf outfit.

Costs: 300 Dungeon Tokens

Dungeon trophy

Shadow Rider Boss Emblem Edit

Using this item spawns the Shadow Rider boss. When the item is used, it will automatically be broadcasted to everyone ingame, of who spawned and where the boss is spawned. This item has a global cooldown of 4 hours and is removed upon usage.

Costs: 300 Dungeon Tokens

Shadow raider emblem2
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