Evolunia Wiki

List of useful commands:

!joinevent - Enter to the event room

!bless/!blessing/!aol -- Buys all blessings.

!spells -- Shows the spells you can cast.

!kills -- Shows your frag amount.

!online -- Displays online players.

!serverinfo -- Shows the server rates.

!deathlist ''Player -- Shows the deathlist of a player.

!manatrain -- Automatically casts utevo mana, to train your magic level.

!healingbot -- Toggles the ingame automatic healing bot off or on.

!npcbuffs -- This will display permanent NPC buffs that are available and which of them you already have.

!stats -- Gives you a list of all the custom stats from charms, equipments etc.

!charms -- Opens the charm container.

--House commands:--

!buyhouse - Buy a house.

!leavehouse - Leave a house.